Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NHVSP 2011 Final Update

Digging the HOLE

We have settled back into Base Camp life. We have worked, just as hard as ever. Kroka’s new bathroom is founded in “the Hole”, if not finished. We have had an intellectual vacation at the Heartbeet Conference in Hardwick, VT. We have washed in the stream, swum in Gustin Pond, contra danced in Nelson. We are enjoying and sometimes not enjoying the warmth, and we are absolutely not enthralled the bugs, that are eating us piece by piece, though we wage our war with them as best as we can. We are preparing to leave. Bittersweet, this is the end. But even as I know how I will miss our community, we are all ready for new adventures. We are all bringing with us so much new when we now go home, and one of those things is seeing the opportunities in front of us. Thank you all who helped us come to this point, thank you all who enriched our experience – we are grateful.


Lu Neuse, Semester teacher
Nate Johnson, Semester teacher

Thank you Lu and Nate for sharing your love of life with these amazing young people:


 “5 months later, what have I gained? Clarity. Buckets and wheelbarrows and pack baskets full of clarity.”
- Jon


“Sweet awesome craziness! And food.”
- Tim




  “I see, I am opening up to all there is. I wouldn’t have expected this way that I have changed, am changing, but I am grateful. Our days here are getting few, but all days can be as beautifully long and short as the ones we have shared if I just get up in the morning.”
 - Mathilde



“I often felt dead to the world, lost in thoughts concerning only me. Now I feel alive, more aware of the world around me.”
 - Zane

  “I could list many things I’ve learned, the places I’ve now been, or talk endlessly about the people I now know and love. Or I could simply say that all of this has touched me in a much deeper way than anything has before. The semester has broken me down and reshaped me time and time again, and has strengthened me and formed me into the person I am now. Standing tall and proud with all my community beside me as we reach the closing of our journey.”
- Sam


 “I like the woods, the woods are really cool, but not as cool as me. I like the trees, but not as much as me.”
 - Tobias


 “The semester has taught me to live freely and happily.”
- Julian


 “It is the end of this amazing experience, and the beginning of another.”
- Bridie


“Nothing needs to be concrete, overwhelming or profound.”
- Jake


  “We had a strict schedule,  full of freedom.”
- Nimrod


  “In 600 miles and 5 months we saw so much, learned so much, met so many amazing people. This semester has taught me that the world is full of beautiful possibilities, pathways and gateways.”
- Rosa


“Feeling lost in the busy world, coming to peace and understanding in the forest. Gaining truth and connection.”
- Serene

Last Poet’s Yurt: Mixed Collection

When some people hear
About letting go
They start thinking spiritually
About not doing
Things they should
When I hear “letting go”
I think of standing
At the top of
A great white mountain
And letting my skis go
And trusting my body
To know what to do
- Nimrod Sadeh

Always 120%, more pain more game
10% pleasure, 15% pain and 100% reason to remember the name
I will just go, go, go
Whether it’s healthy or not
Those who can stop I envy you
For that is something I cannot do
I may pull a muscle or stress a joint
But I will never disappoint
- Julian

Waking through Jetway tunnels
Industry involved in an
Epicenter of energy
Give us what we want
Mentos, fried chicken
Top shelf magazine rack, and 2000 miles
In under 10 hours.
Steady stream electrons
Exchange charge ‘til
Filament gives out
20000 lumen glow
So we can see three miles
In all directions
And every bit of our
Destruction, creation
Crescendos in
Three square miles
Of infrastructure, logistics, consumption
Sitting down in seat 19d
- Jake

They came with a
Strong presence and large vibrations
They come across the stream
Slithered over our tangled veins
Threw down their burdens and took all
Their work
They take from us
They change the scene, changing the sounds,
Changing the smells, smoke, food, socks,
The odors of a dozen or so unwashed
They change the vibrations
Slamming axes, dragging saws, moving feet
Now they are silent, lost in their thoughts
Them like us are growing
But them unlike us are going
This is only a stop on the map
A moment in a much larger scheme
Will they even remember taking our boughs?
And our wood? Probably not. Will they ever
Come back? Probably not. But for now they
Love us.
- Tobias

The water gurgles, chuckles through
The shrubby trees,
Although the mountain sides
Are still covered in a thick
Layer of snow, the river
Banks and wetlands are clear
And exposed.
Here and there a brave shoot pops
Through, a bud burst into the sunlight
The silence of heavy falling snow
Has changed to pitter patter of warm rain
Although it’s still cold, the birds sing
The sun shines strongly
Lifting the world up into a
New journey
- Rosa

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